The Ultimate Golf & Entertainment Experience

Upon arrival, you will be impressed by the modern design concept of MYGOLF coming to life aiming to combine the love of golf and entertainment in a one-stop-shop social networking setting. Connected through shared passion in golf, we offer a variety of channels allowing players to connect socially through gourmet dining, private events, corporate events, and VIP suites experiences. Rain or Shine, nothing stops you from the next perfect swing.

First Class Experience Made Possible

MyGolf is passionate about delivering the best near-real-life golf experience to our customers. In partnership with GolfZon, the world’s leading simulator provider, we offer our customers with 98% accuracy in re-creating ball flight and individual analytical insights to improve their game after each swing. Seasoned golfers and recreational golfs including young kids can directly benefit from such holistic comprehensive golf experienced backed by high tech in a sweat-proof weather friendly environment. We are making golf enjoyable without the grilling sun!


Our curated menus made of lip smacking signature dishes, bites and exquisite beverages are perfect for a hangout with the family, for a fun weekend activity or let off steam after work.


Reserve a space for next-level fun at your next meeting, event or party.

MyGolf Academy

Our professionals teach all swing mechanics, to beginners and experienced golfers, to help you take your game to the next level.